2005 Buick LeSabre metal grinding screetching

2005 Buick LesabreMy car suddenly made a high pitched squealing noise while moving. It felt like it was coming from steering wheel area But eventually grew to metal grinding noise sort of metal on metal then grinding gear like fly wheelish… Car has had lots of work, transmission is warranted – not labor, crv?

Don’t know need some ideas so I can take it to warranty place or ignore it, brakes have 13k on it and no chirping ever heard or. Felt


Metal Grinding Noise

The first place to look for a metal on metal noise would be the brakes. This is the most common place for a metal on metal noise. It is normal for brakes to make a squealing noise before it turns into a metal grinding noise when there is a brake related issue. It is possible that you have a sticking brake caliper that has caused premature wear of the brake pads.