Brake Fluid Sealer 1993 Subaru Legacy wagon

1993 Subaru LegacyCan I put some kind of brake fluid sealer to stop it from leaking?


Brake Fluid Sealer

My response is NO. The brake system utilizes extreme pressures to operate. The brake fluid leak needs to be properly repaired in order for the system to function correctly. The basic principle of a brake system is the free movement of fluid through the brake lines. Any kind of brake fluid sealer would ruin the entire system and cause more damage.

How to locate a brake fluid leak

First of all park on a flat clean surface or place clean cardboard under the vehicle.Top off the brake fluid reservoir. Pump the brake pedal a few times while someone looks under the car. Hence you may notice a hissing noise. This is the fluid escaping. Look on the ground and note a puddle. If none are found maybe look at the insides of your tires. Finally this will give you an idea of the location of the leak. In conclusion brake fluid leaks are generally affordable to fix.