Wrecked 2009 Dodge Avenger

2009 Dodge AvengerSo first off thank you. It started when me and my bro where driving down hill in the rain/snow and wrecked. I lost control, slid into a ditch and hit a tree on the passenger side. We are both OK. But we had to get someone to pull us out. After we got out I drove 5 blocks to his house where we took off the passenger tire and replaced it with the spare. So far the damage I know is the passenger wheel is destroyed and drivers is popped. The fender it’s very dented, the mold and trim prob, the axle might be messed up but the breaks are making noise.

The bumper, the head light cover, the mirror, a little bit of the hood, and the door all on the left are damaged. Also I was told something snapped behind the wheel. I think it’s the lower control arm(maybe)or this part.

Wrecked Rear Control Arm 2009 Dodge Avenger
There might be a bit more and somethings might not be as bad. In conclusion What ever info you can give me to now how much it will cost or what I should do with it. Thanks again and contact me as soon as u can.


Wrecked My Car, What Now?

Have a body shop give you an estimate after looking the car over. The body shop can determine if the car needs to be put on a frame rack. They will also give you an itemized repair estimate that will show you the parts and labor costs. If you have full coverage insurance they may decide it is better to total the car instead of repairing it. Once a car is wrecked it is a good idea to have a hands on mechanic give it a good look. Most insurance companies today require an inspection after a car has been wrecked.