2006 VW Polo 1.4 Engine

2006 VW PoloRandom Loss of Throttle from Pedal

My car loses power while I have the gas pedal down . What happens is the engine will start to decelerate as though I’ve taken my foot off the gas but my foot hasn’t moved off of the accelerator. Then I have to release and step on it again to regain speed. VW Polo 2006 model 1.4. I have changed the petrol pump,did the service on the car and even changed the Accelerator pedal My car is a manual transmission. Lately I noticed that the breather hose has a small cut on the small soft pipe that joins the thick one and it has a little bit of oil spill on it. Can that be a problem, we did a diagnostic and there’s no error code on the car.


Yes that can be a big part of your problem. Any leak in the hose will cause an issue.