Air bag light Hyundai Verna Fluidic SX 1.6

Hyundai Verna Fluidicair bag sign is on my dash board panel when i start my car and not goes off


This would indicate there is a malfunction in the air bag system.

Air Bag Light

Each time the vehicle is started the computer performs a check on the air bag system. If any malfunction is noticed the air bag light will be illuminated and the air bag function disabled. When the air bag light is turned on it indicates the air bag is no longer functional. An air bag code will also be stored int he computer.

The most common reason for an air bag light to come on is from a loose ground. Many of the sensors are placed in areas that are prone to rust and or corrosion. Sometimes cleaning the grounds is all that is needed to repair the issue. Other times actual sensor failure is the cause and the sensor will need to be replaced.

A scan tool will be required to extract the individual codes that will pinpoint the exact location of the issue.