Emissions Recall 2011 VW Diesel Jetta

2011 VW JettaThis car is on the National emissions recall list. The other day, check engine light came on and I took it into VW dealer…ran a diagnostic and said I need a new Catalytic Converter. Can this be attributed to re-call for emissions ?


Yes it could, but not likely. A catalytic converter works or it doesn’t. The rear O2 Sensor reads the air/fuel burn and determines if the converter is doing its job or not. When it is not a check engine light is illuminated and the PCM stores a p0420 code.

Now since the VW manufacturer has cheated the electronics on the vehicle with programming it makes it possible. They could have changed the programming to reflect a different set of parameters to signal a converter failure. That being said, the manufacturer would have set the parameters in favor of the converter working better, not worse.

If YOUR vehicle has already undergone the recall reprogramming and repairs then NO. the Converter would not have anything else to do with it. Arguably, the converter would wear out earlier than expected due to more fuel being allowed to be burned throughout its life but I don’t think the courts are going to re-open the case.

If the vehicle has less than 100,000 miles on it the catalytic converter should be covered under manufacturer warranty. If it is over 100, 000 miles then it would not. As far as the re-call for emissions it depends on the recall notice for your specific year vehicle.

You can drive the car with a bad converter forever without any issue. The check engine light will stay on but no drivability issue will occur. The converter is required for emissions and only help air quality. It does not effect the vehicles ability to perform or not.

The good news is you can sell your car back to the VW dealer and receive a cash bonus on top of your trade in value. Or if you wish to keep it, repairs will be made to your vehicle. This is your choice as you can not get both.

VW Emissions Recall Settlement

As a result people who want to keep their cars, there will be a recall to bring the existing models up to regulations. The fix will likely be a software update for newer models. Pre-2015 cars are expected to need additional components installed—which may mean it takes longer to develop and deploy the solution.

Website that covers all you need to know about the settlement: https://www.vwcourtsettlement.com/en/