Wont Start in Rain 1999 Mercury Tracer

1999 Mercury TracerI put new ignition coil in it, and still when there is humidity in the air or raining it will not run. Wont start in rain.

I have a 99 mercury tracer with 203,000 miles on it, just put a new ignition coil on it and new plugs and wires, but every time there is moisture in the air or it is raining, the car will not run, it starts just fine, but once I try to drive, it will not keep running. If it is dry out, it runs just fine, but not with moisture in air. Why will my car not run when there is moisture in the air?


Moisture or water is getting on part of an exposed portion of the ignition system. You have done the first best thing by replacing the spark plugs, wires and coil. Now that you know those components are not at fault try something different. Get a can of WD-40. The WD stands for Water Displacement. Pull the plug wires up and spray the boots with WD-40 and reinstall. Make sure there is no moisture around the spark plugs before installing.


Sometimes the technician will discover leaking valve cover seals around the spark plugs causing engine oil to accumulate in the spark plug wells. Your engine has a Distributorless Ignition System (DIS), so there’s no distributor cap or rotor. Once the spark plug wires and connections are known good, then you diagnose the coil pack and ignition module that controls the input to the coil pack. There are also crank and cam sensor inputs to your computer that could be failing. It costs money to properly troubleshoot these possibilities rather than just start replacing parts hoping to fix the problem. You may end up burning your starter motor up and causing other damage if you don’t get this fixed. Start by removing the spark plug wires at the spark plugs and see if there’s any engine oil on the boots. If so, fix that problem first.

Source: bobweb