1995 Chevy Astro Van

Chevy AstroOK, as I was leaving work, I put my vehicle into drive but had my foot on the brakes; suddenly my tires started spinning and made noises as if I were burning out as soon as I put it in drive. It did something similar the day before as I was pulling into my parking spot at home, this time it felt like it was accelerating a little bit as I pressed on the brakes. It did rain a bit that day. Could this be a transmission issue or could it be a brake issue?


Not a transmission issue. Possibly a brake issue if only the front brakes are working. However the tires do not tend to spin at idle with the brake applied. I would look more at your foot. Have you started wearing a bigger shoe or boot as of late? Sometimes when you think you are only applying the brake the side of your shoe is also applying a small amount of pressure on the gas pedal. Happens to the best of us.