Ford Fairmount ed 1993 running very rough

1993 Ford FairmountMy car running very rough. I’ve changed the spark plugs not the plugs. Gave a oil change not the the filter. Cleaned the idle air control. Car was running a bit better. The car will rev high then low like its gonna stall (sometimes it does) . it also backfires when reving randomly.


Sounds like the IAC – Idle Air Control is hunting. This typically happens when there is a vacuum leak. It can also happen with no vacuum leak except internal in the IAC.

Not sure what you mean by “changed the spark plugs not the plugs”. Did the plugs get changed or not?

Check Engine Light On

Since your vehicle is older than 1996 you can perform computer diagnostics without the ned for a scan tool. This will pull any stored diagnostic trouble code from the computer. Any code stored will help guide us in the right direction. Post all codes in the comments for further information on them.