IMA Light and Check Engine Light On 2008 Honda Hybrid

IMA Light 2008 Honda Civic HybridMy 2008 Honda Hybrid has check engine light and ima light still lighting while driving. The engine seems to have a problem when driving. It does not run properly like cutting and start again. After scanning they told me to change coil number 1 but when changed the problem still occurs. Advice?


IMA Light On along with Check Engine Light

When the IMA light comes on, this is a sign of a problem in the Hybrid system. When the Check Engine light is also lit, the most common problem is the Hybrid Battery. You can actually have this confirmed by having the “p-codes” (diagnostic trouble codes) read from the on-board computer. Most local “big chain” parts stores, like AutoZone, will do this for Free (except in California). These p-codes will point to the faulty part/sensor. So, if it is a problem with the Hybrid Battery, this will confirm. If there is another problem somewhere, the p-codes will serve as the starting point for the diagnosis, and you can more accurately determine the root of the problem.

If it does confirm there is a problem in the Hybrid Battery, Honda is currently having a “Battery Exchange Program”. Only remanufactured IMA battery modules are available for repair; new units are not available. Any internal failure requiring IMA battery module disassembly qualifies for this program. This bulletin applies to all Honda IMA batteries, both in-warranty and out-of-warranty.