Ford Steering Column 2001 F150 standard 4.2

2001 Ford F150My ignition has been kind of loose. Yesterday it would not start. It did absolutely nothing. It will start when pushing on the ignition switch. (this is after taking off all the plastic covers around the steering column) I thought it needs a new ignition tumbler. But my friend, her fella told me it needs a new steering column. He says there is a plastic rod that goes to the ignition it goes down the steering column, the whole thing needs replaced. Is this true? I’ve been online today watching YouTube videos of different ignition problems, but not one said anything about a rod going down the steering column this seems like it will be an expensive fix if it is true.


When looking over the disassembly of the steering column I did not see any such plastic rod. I know there is typically one on Chevy’s around that year. The Ford Steering column generally places the ignition switch in a location that a rod is not needed. I also looked at the replacement of the ignition key and tumbler and the ignition switch itself. I did not see a mention of such a plastic rod. This doesn’t mean there isn’t one there if your fella actually took the ignition switch and or Key and tumbler out and saw one. But until it is fully inspected it is hard to say from looking at the manuals.

Ford Steering Column Disassembly and Assembly