Rear Wiper 2011 Ford Escape Limited

2011 Fprd EscapeRear wiper works intermittently. Sometimes it works half across the window, other times it wipes 2,3,or 12 times across .


Rear Wiper Arm

First thing to look at would be the mounting of the rear window wiper arm also since it is easy to get to. There is a retaining nut on arm that at times may come loose and need to be tightened.  If the retaining nut is found secure the next step would be to replace the rear wiper motor assembly.

rear wiper arm nut 2011 Ford Escape

Rear Window Wiper Motor Replacement

Removal and Installation
1.Remove the rear pivot arm. For additional information, refer to Wiper Pivot Arm — Rear in this section.
2.Remove the rear window wiper motor shaft nut cover.
3.Remove the rear window wiper motor shaft nut. •To install, hand-tighten the nut, then tighten to 6 Nm (53 lb-in).

4.Open the liftgate window.
5.Remove the rear window wiper motor cover trim panel.

rear wiper motor trim 2011 Ford Escape

6.Remove the rear wiper motor.

1.Disconnect the electrical connector.
2.Remove the 2 rear window wiper motor nuts. ◾To install, tighten to 7 Nm (62 lb-in).

3.Remove the rear window wiper motor.

rear wiper motor 2011 Ford Escape

7.To install, reverse the removal procedure.

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  1. Did you remember to disconnect the wiper arm? Try wiggling when pulling. May need to have someone tap the end of the wiper arm shaft with a rubber mallet while you are in the inside with your hands on the motor.

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