Whine Noise 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada

2002 Oldsmobile BravadaThis vehicle has automatic 4×4 BTW. When driving and turning the wheel, the vehicles slows down and rear tires slip as if grabbing for traction. Also, there is a hum or whine while turning and lasts for a few seconds while straightening and going forward. There are no lights on the dash at all. Just replaced the camshaft position sensor. Any help you could give would be great.


Whine noise when turning

A hum or whine noise sounds like a bearing going out. These vehicles are known for hub bearing failure. Drive at a around 10 to 15 mph and sway back a forth slowly. Listen for the noise to change pitch. If it does this is most likely what the problem is. A failed hub bearing.

Hum Noise

A him noise from the rear probably indicates a defective rear axle, especially if it is louder when coasting. Check the rear axle oil level.