White Smoke Subaru Forester 2001 GT turbo, automatic

2001 Subaru ForesterSo, one day I went to check my oil and coolant and they were both low. So I used a different car to go get the products to top them up, using both permite (that’s what last owner used) but I wasn’t sure what oil they used. There was 5-30 but there was also 5-40 which recommended using if i was putting 5-30 in it. So I put the 5-40 one in anyways that’s not the point of the story.

The point is afterwards I went to the petrol station to get some fuel and as I was stopped at the lights on my way out white smoke just came out of my exhaust. As soon as the light turned green I took off and parked to see what was going on, and it stopped? But now every time I drive my car and stop at a red light or something it smokes. At first not so much but as I’m sitting there idling it gets worse. It does stop after I’ve stopped like 4 times (for example on my way back from the shops I stopped my car in the driveway to see the smoke and it didn’t smoke at all…its soo weird, suggestions?


White Smoke

White smoke is an indication of a engine coolant being burned in the engine. This can be caused by a blown head gasket or leaking intake manifold gasket.

Blue Smoke

Blue smoke is created by the vehicles engine oil entering a cylinder and being burned along with the Air/Fuel mixture. A small amount of oil leaking into a cylinder will create blue smoke out the tailpipe. Blue smoke is more often and issue in older or higher mileage vehicles.

Sometimes using a thicker oil can help, but in most cases replacing the failed gaskets and seals is the best way to insure the issue is fixed.

Black Smoke

Vehicles before 1996 will sometimes emit black exhaust smoke during the first start up of the day, this is normal as long as it clears up once warm. On vehicles built after 1996 , Black exhaust smoke is not normal. This is an indication that the engine is not burning the fuel efficiently and or the fuel injection system is trying to force to much fuel through the engine.
Possible causes range from a failed O2 Sensor, Injector Stuck open, or failing MAF Sensor. Some times a simple tune up is all that is needed.