Brake Smell 2008 Chrysler Town and Country

2008 Chrysler Town and CountryI’m getting a burning plastic like smell after a 45 minute drive but all gauges read normal and fluids look good. Maybe a Brake smell, I’m not sure what it is.
I cannot see anything under the van, nothing is leaking, everything looks normal…. but this smell (which is outside the cab – can’t smell it inside) is bizarre. Not seeing any smoke from tailpipe either. Brakes feel kinda spongy but I don’t think it could be brake fluid. I’m not Mr. Goodwrench but I do know this is weird. My car has 107000 miles. My car has an automatic transmission.


Brake Smell

I would think a spongy brake would be an indicator. You may also look for excessive brake dust on the front wheels as compared to the rear wheels. Also look at the brake fluid level. Do not add any fluid, but if it looks like it is half full this is an indicator. The front brake pads may be worn down enough to need replaced. Another thing to check for would be if one of the wheels is too hot to touch it would indicate a sticking brake caliper.