Can not remove key 05 Pontiac Aztec, V6

2005 Pontiac AztecMy battery is dead and I can not remove key from the ignition. It wont turn back to the off position for me to take it out.


Can not remove key

The ignition key can only be removed when the transmission is placed in park. The first thing I would check is the boot around the shifter. There could be something cause in there stopping the shifter from fully reaching the park position. If there is nothing, the park lock solenoid may be faulty.

Park Lock Solenoid

The park lock solenoid is a safety device that prevents an inadvertent shift out of PARK when the key is in the OFF position. The key must be in the RUN position to release the park lock solenoid.

The system consists of the park lock solenoid.

With the ignition in the ON position, voltage is supplied to the park lock solenoid. The park lock solenoid energizes through a permanent ground unlocking the shift lever. With the ignition in the OFF or ACCY position the park lock solenoid de-energizes and locks the shift lever in the park position.