2010 Ford Escape Liftgate

Ford EscapeMy back hatch window will not respond from pushing the button beneath the glass, however it will respond by using the key button My back hatch door will not respond with the button beneath the license plate, or with the key button. I have 3 questions. 1. Why will the glass button only work from key? 2. If I need a new part, do I have to get both the assembly AND the actuator, or just the actuator? 3. Is a new either assembly with actuator, or just the actuator, going to fix the glass opening also, or is the glass button beneath the glass, a separate (additional) part? Thank you.


Q1: My guess would be there is an issue with the button underneath the glass.

Q2: The assembly should include the actuator.

Q3: Separate additional part.

There are 2 liftgate ajar switches. This may have an unwanted effect.

Liftgate Ajar Wiring Diagram


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