Traction Control Light Flashing Mercury Grand Marquis

2001 Mercury Grand MarquisEngine cruising along, Trac. Control light starts flashing, engine bogs down loosing power. Also can be cold start, take off, Trac. Control light starts flashing, engine bogs down, no power. It is a 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis 4.6L GS.


Traction Control Light Flashing

Something you may want to try in the meantime. Turn the traction control off before you start driving and see if it keeps the traction control light flashing from occurring.

My Research came upon this:

I have run into the coils on the spark plugs causing that very concern. You will need to have a coil-on-plug stress test done. And the Ford dealership has the proper tools to perform this test. The coils when the start to fail, will cause what we refer to as a RF frequency that will cause that very concern. I also had this happen to my fathers 2000 Grand Marquis. I discovered this after replacing the ABS module at the cost of $250.00. I found 4 bad coils that would cause the ABS and Traction Control light to come on the vehicle would stall and/or run rough on acceleration at 30-50 mph. Have some one do this test and this will fix your problem. Do not replace all 8 coils, unless you have the money. Only replace the ones that fail during the stress test.