Transmission Fluid Contamination 2002 Volkswagen Passat

2002-vw-passatMy brother accidentally put steering fluid into the the part where the transmission fluids go. What do you suggest that he does?


Transmission Fluid Contamination

It would depend on how much and if the vehicle has been operated or not since this was done. If just a tiny amount of power steering fluid was added I wouldn’t worry to much about it. A tiny amount would be less than a 1/4 of a quart. The two fluids are not the same but that small of an amount shouldn’t make a difference. The automatic transmission holds only 3.2 quarts of fluid in it for this vehicle.

Now if 2 or 3 quarts of fluid where added and the vehicle was driven, then you may need to drain the system.

Automatic transmission fluids

Automatic transmission fluids can be broken down into two types, Dexron® III and Ford type F. These fluids are specific to the transmission using them. Don’t assume that all Ford vehicles use type F, they don’t!

  • Dexron® III, sometime referred to as multi-purpose ATF. This replaces the old Type A, Suffix A, was recommended by GM, Chrysler and AMC between 1956-1967. It also supercedes Dexron® and Dexron® II fluids. Ford vehicles 1977 and later with the C6 transmission or the Jatco transmission in the Granada and Monarch also use this fluid. Ford refers to this fluid as Mercon® , or transmissions where type H or CJ where recommended.
  • Type F fluid is recommended by Ford Motor Co. for most late model Fords and certain imports, and contains certain frictional compounds required for proper operation in these transmissions.

There is not much of a problem here, since the bottles are clearly marked to indicate the type of fluid. If you are in doubt, check your owner’s manual.