Goes off when running 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe

2004 Hyundai Santa FeMy car goes off when running on high or low speed. Can start again after two minutes and can travel for 45 minutes.
What is the cause?


Car goes off when running

Tough to say. You will need to determine what it is not getting when it won’t start. If it is not getting spark, then you can concentrate on the failed component such as the ignition module.

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  1. I have solved my problem on the santafe. It is the fuel pressure monitoring valve on rail which remain open hence less fuel pressure to the injectors

  2. What causes oil to leak from the cylinder head to the EGR valve of crdi santafe engine. Is it that the engine is weak?

  3. My first guess would be the valve cover gasket needs replaced. But what causes oil to leak? worn out seals or failing gaskets. And sometimes just overfilling may cause a leak. The engine weak? Most likely not.

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