ASD RELAY 1993 Chrysler LeBaron V6

1993 Chrysler LebaronCar won’t start. Should there be power at the plug that supplies the coil when the key is on. Have no power at that plug. Shut car off one night (running great) and go to start it next day and it just turns over. Seems dist. cap is all good and rotor, but no fire.


Here is a wonderful diagnostic chart for no start situations.

ignition coil


The Dark Green/Orange wire gets its power from the ASD Relay. The ASD Relay gets its power from the Fuel pump relay and 2 fuses #42 and #46. The PCM sends a signal on the  Black/Grey wire to the distributor. It is common for the ASD Relay to fail and need to be replaced.

ASD Relay Location

It us located in the power distribution center under the hood in the engine compartment.