Fuse blows after starter replaced Grand Prix

Fuse Blows Grand PrixFuse Blows. I replaced the starter for it was bad, now when I try to start it I’m blowing fuses. I have looked for an exposed ground and no luck…any ideas???


Double check your work. It is common for the big power cables, that attach to the back of the starter to touch something it shouldn’t. Look there first.

Fuse Blows

A fuse blows from a direct short. So look for one of the cables to be touching the side of the engine block or starter case.

Starting System Description and Operation

When the ignition switch is placed in the Start position a discrete 12 volts signal is supplied to the BCM notifying it that the ignition is in the Start position. The BCM then supplies a class 2 message to the PCM notifying it that CRANK has been requested. At the same time the BCM is supplying 12 volts for the IGN 1 relay closing it and supplying battery positive voltage for the Crank relay coil. The PCM verifies that the transmission is in Park or Neutral. If it is, the PCM grounds the control circuit of the Crank relay. When this occurs battery positive voltage is supplied through the switch side of the Crank relay to the S terminal of the starter solenoid.