ASD Relay 92 Chrysler LeBaron 3Lt. V6 automatic

Chrysler Lebaron

ASD Relay

I have been fighting an electrical problem, the car will not start. It acts like the ASD relay is not working, But I can’t locate it. All the info I have says that might should be on the driver fender in the relay box. It is not. Manuals say that the relays in order from fender to engine are starter, ASD, Fuel pump, Horn, Wiper/washer A/C clutch and Radiator fan. I’m are starter, fuel pump, Inj. Ing. coil, blank w/washer,
AC clutch and Rad. fan. I have swapped out the relays with a new one. All so I have changed the coil and dist. module. What is keeping it from starting.