Looking at buying a 1999 Ford Ranger

1999 Ford Ranger

Looking at buying a 1999 Ford Ranger

Looking for gut reaction to this truck – Like are they ‘nightmares’ – – this Ranger is an XLT – Supercab – Stepside – 6 cyl – auto – 4×4 – – which looks to be in excellent condition inside and out – – thoughts?


I like the Ford Ranger. For the 1999 though, I would steer clear of the 4.0 SOHC engine. They are common to issues with the timing chain components failing. When the timing components start to fail you will hear a distinct knocking coming from between the engine and transmission. The knocking noise is coming from the rear timing chain guides. Expensive to repair.  Other than that, my gut reaction is go for it.

Make sure you look it over and perform a thorough inspection. You may want to review our Used car buying guide for some great tips.