2003 Saturn L300 V6 3.0L fuel problems

2003 Saturn L3002003 Saturn L300 V6 fuel problems?

I’m at a loss. We assumed with no fuel pressure & cranking but no start. After checking the fuse & relay for fuel & everything checks out fine. The wires look good, new fuel pump. Attempted the relearn procedure, new battery still no start or pressure. I swapped the ac relay with the fuel relay & got the gauge to register one time but after that still no start. Checked all fuses in & out of car as well as relays.

The car sat for 6mths without a battery before I got it but had all the fuel problems before that. Scanner says no communication ensure key is on…

Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you!

Just to cover a few basic things first. Did you put fresh gas in the tank after replacing the fuel pump? and was the fuel filter replaced at the same time? Once the fuel filter is replaced the fuel system needs to be primed.

How to prime the fuel system

  1. Cycle ignition key on and off, holding the key in the “ON” position of 5 seconds and then back to “OFF”. This is repeated at least 10 times.

The reason for this is the fuel pump relay only stays on for a second or two. By cycling the ignition key we effective operate the fuel pump long enough to build adequate pressure.