Clutch Noise 2011 Honda Jazz / Fit 1.5i EX-S

2011 Honda Fit / JazzStrange chirp noise

I drive a 2011 Honda Jazz 1.5 EX-S (Pre-facelift), the car has about 112500km on the clock at the moment.

Now these are my issues. There is a strange chirp noise if I put a little too much gas while releasing the clutch. Doesn’t happen all the time. After the vehicle has warmed up a bit, there is a squeak while releasing the clutch. And while driving slow in low gears. But this squeak is not existent while in neutral. This noise is also heard if I lift the car and turn the front wheels while in gear, but not heard in neutral.

The next issue, but I am unsure whether it is related, is when I accelerate I hear what I would say is a metallic rattling, sounds like a loose bearing noise, but is most apparent if I am say, in the wrong gear trying to accelerate, or while cruising in a higher gear. (I have been informed my transmission mount is a “little soft”, could this be the rattle?) and while slowing down with the clutch engaged with no gas.

If I rev the car in neutral or with the clutch disengaged, none of the above noises are apparent. There is however a slight moan at a certain rpm when the revs drop for I would say half a second – probably unrelated.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Clutch Release Bearing

First issue: Pressure Plate Release Bearing would be my first guess.

Second issue: May be related but might be a different part rattling around near the clutch release fork. If the release fork set spring has broken it might be the cause of all your problems.

Apply high temp urea grease (P/N 08798-9002) to the release fork (A), the release fork bolt (B), the release bearing (C), and the release bearing guide (D) in the shaded areas, then set the release fork set spring (E).

clutch release bearing 2011 Honda Fit

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  1. Thank you.

    I am going to try take the vehicle to a mechanic this coming weekend.

    Could the Input shaft bearing be a culprit too?

  2. When in gear the transmission shaft is spinning along with the pressure plate. When the clutch pedal is pressed downward the clutch release bearing is pressed against the pressure plate springs that release the pressure plate from the flywheel.

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