Starts then dies 2001 Alero 2.4L 4cyl

2001 Oldsmobile Alero

Starts then dies

Owned vehicle from 70,000 -166,000 current mileage. I have reset Passlock several times. But this time it starts then dies. I removed battery 30+mins cleaned terminals .replaced.left ignition on AAC for 10mins turn off pull key tried starting same as before starts and dies it recently had new ignition coils plugs wires module $1200 .the shift lever button popped off couple years ago( Hockey tape works great ) all fuses look good maybe ?auto shutdown relay? At same time car stopped so did door locks/trunk release..can hear fuel pump.

My first guess would be the ignition switch. I think these had an issue with the ignition switches. But when it will not start you should determine if it isn’t getting spark, fuel or both. Also check for fuel injector pulse. I do not see a relay involved according to the wiring diagrams.

Starting System wiring diagram 2001 Oldsmobile Alero 2.4L


Anti-Theft wiring diagram 2001 Oldsmobile Alero


Starter Circuit Description (LA1)

Moving the ignition switch to the START position sends a 12 V to the PCM Ignition Crank Voltage Sense. At the same time a 12 V signal is sent through the PNP switch then through the coil side of the STARTER relay. The PCM verifies that all parameter a met for starting. The PCM then grounds the control circuit of the START relay. When the START relay is energized it allows voltage to the starter solenoid S terminal.