Lugs down acceleration 2004 Ford Explorer 4.6l Eddie Bauer edition

2004 Ford Explorer

I have replaced the fuel pump and fuel drive module. The car runs good at idle speed but lugs down on acceleration and has no power. What else could it be? It is a 2004 Ford Explorer 4.6l Eddie Bauer edition.

If there are any check engine light codes that would be the place to start. Have a fuel pressure gauge? You can attach it and see if the fuel pressure drops on acceleration. If that checks out, move on to the fuel pressure sensor(fuel pressure regulator).

Fuel Charging and Controls

The fuel charging controls consist of the following:

  • fuel injection supply manifold
  • electronic throttle body
  • The fuel injectors
  • fuel pressure and temperature sensor
  • fuel pulse damper

The fuel injection supply manifold:

  • delivers fuel to the individual fuel injectors.
  • receives fuel from the fuel supply line.

The electronic throttle body:

  • controls air supply to the upper intake manifold by electronically positioning the throttle plate.
  • is not adjustable.
  • cannot be cleaned.
  • is serviced as a complete assembly only.

The fuel injectors:

  • are electrically operated by the powertrain control module (PCM).
  • atomize the fuel as the fuel is delivered.
  • are deposit-resistant.
  • each have an internal solenoid that opens a needle valve to inject fuel into the lower intake manifold.

The fuel pressure and temperature sensor:

  • measures the pressure and temperature of the fuel in the fuel supply manifold and sends these signals to the PCM.
  • uses intake manifold vacuum as a pressure reference.

The fuel pulse damper:

  • reduces fuel system noise caused by the pulsing of the fuel injectors.

Fuel pressure sensor replacement