Vacuum hose connector 2004 Oldsmobile Alero v6


Oldsmobile Alero

There is a vacuum connector that pulls air in but whatever line connected to it broke off and disappeared. No one can tell me where it’s supposed to connect to. Autozone employees are all saying it’s definitely affecting the engine.  Here are the images:

vacuum hose loose

shows position on the front of the engine

vacuum hose

Just a closer picture

Thanks. Driving us crazy.

Vacuum hose connector

It is my opinion that this hose goes to the MAP sensor. I am guessing the upper intake has been removed and when put back on the hoses were not set correctly. I am also going to guess if you extract the diagnostic trouble codes from the computer you will find a code indicating a MAP sensor issue. Use the diagram below to help assist in locating the MAP sensor. I think (3) is the end of the hose in the image you provided.

MAP sensor diagram