Kia Rio 2005 Sedan automatic Imported from South Korea

2005 KIA Rio

The engine was re-done and the following problems are experienced:

  1. The cars starts while in DRIVE position
  2. The car is very heavy on fuel. While idling black smokes come out of the exhaust.
  3. The care isn’t puling normal. Struggles to go uphill

Engine was re-done

First thing that will need to be done is to have the check engine light codes read. Then you can post the codes below in the comments. The car starting in drive may just be a misaligned neutral safety switch. As for the black smoke and excessive fuel consumption, they are both related and probably caused by a faulty sensor. Having the codes will save from just throwing parts at it. The same for no power when driving.

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  1. Thank you so much. I thought you guys forgot me. I am very grateful to you guys. I will take the car to a place that can put it on a computer. If I have any problems I will surely contact you

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