2003 Buick Century will not start

Buick Century

What would make my car stall all of a sudden while I’m driving at 40mph. And now it will not start or even crank the engine over. It has gas, lights come on. Please if you can point me in the right direction.

Will not start but lights come on

Quick answer would be the BATTERY and or Alternator.

If the alternator quits working the engines computer and engine runs completely off the battery. This could be from a failed alternator, alternator connections or a broken serpentine belt. The engine continues to run off the battery until the voltage drops below the computers threshold then causes the engine to die. At this point the battery is too weak to crank over the engine.Generally if this is the case the BATTERY light comes on.

The battery does still have enough juice left to operate the lights and radio. The lights draw about 15 amps, the radio draws about 5 amps to function. The starter draws up to 250 amps to operate.