Dec 222017

2013 Chrysler 200

Both headlights have stopped working

Headlights stopped working

If you know both were working then I would start with checking the fuses. If one was out and now both, start with replacing the headlights. There are 3 fuses to check. Check fuse #33, #17 and #12. Once you confirm the fuses are good, test for power and ground at the headlights.

Good power and ground means replace the headlamps. Still now power, check the multi-function switch. If that checks out then you are left with the Power module or wiring. I’ll supply you with a wiring diagram to help assist you with the problem.

Headlight wiring diagram – 2013 Chrysler 200

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  1. What fuse should I change for the license plate? I already change the bulls and still not working. Chrysler 200 2013.

  2. FUSE 03, 10 Amp is the only fuse shown for license plate lamp on the wiring diagram.

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