Car won’t move in drive Ford Mondeo 2002 Automatic

2002 Ford Mondeo

Hi, my car won’t move in drive

Car won’t move in drive

First thing to check would be the transmission fluid level. If it is low, top it off and test. If it is not low, look at the color against a white paper towel. If the color looks dark or burnt then there may be internal damage. If the fluid level is full and the color is pretty pink, there may be a sticking solenoid in the transmission.

Of course there may be other things that could cause this such as a broken cv axle shaft but that isn’t very common. Another cause could be the shifter isn’t going into gear all the way. Try moving the the shifter to low and see if it will do anything. Does it move in reverse?


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  1. My car doesn’t move in drive, but it does in L1, L2, and reverse.
    The transmission fluid level is ok, but it is a tan/light brown colour. Not burnt and doesn’t smell burnt. Thanks.

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