2011 Chrysler 300 cant get back in with the key in the car

Chrysler 300

My car normally wont let me leave the car without my key but it locks and i cant get back in with the key in the car.

You will need to use a spare key or call a service to get you back in.

Key Fob Description

Vehicles are shipped from the factory with two FOB with Integrated Key (FOBIK) Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitters programmed to the vehicle as standard equipment. The FOBIK circuitry is contained and protected within a molded black plastic case with a black soft rubber touch pad on the face divided into six sections. The rearward end of the FOBIK case houses a mechanical, metal, coded emergency key (5) that is released by sliding a latch button on the back of the FOBIK case.

Depending upon vehicle equipment, each FOBIK has at least three and no more than five functional resistive membrane switches located beneath the six touch pad sections. Each functional touch pad section is clearly identified by white icons or white text and icons identifying the specific function obtained by pushing that button. Domestic market vehicles also include a touch pad section on the FOBIK with the red text PANIC applied to it. Not counting the PANIC touch pad (4), the available switches include:

  • Unlock (1) – Standard equipment.
  • Lock (2) – Standard equipment.
  • Remote Start (3) – Only for vehicles equipped with the factory-installed remote start system.
  • Trunk (6) – Standard equipment.

The FOBIK RKE transmitter is the primary customer active interface for remotely operating the power lock system, the RKE system and the remote start system components and features. However, the FOBIK also has an important passive role in each of the following vehicle systems:

  • Keyless Go System
  • Passive Entry System
  • Sentry Key® Theft Deterrent System
  • Vehicle Theft Security System (VTSS)

Other than battery replacement, the FOBIK cannot be adjusted or repaired. Once a FOBIK has been programmed to a vehicle, it cannot be reprogrammed for use on any other vehicle. If damaged or ineffective, the FOBIK must be replaced with a new unit. A new and unused FOBIK unit must be properly programmed in order to function properly with the systems of the vehicle. The mechanical emergency key of the new FOBIK must also be cut to match the coding of the lock cylinders in the vehicle.


The integrated mechanical key of the FOBIK provides emergency access to the vehicle in case the battery in the vehicle or the transmitter becomes discharged.

In the event that the battery in the FOBIK is low or there is a Low Frequency Antenna problem:

  • Hold the FOBIK with the key ring away from the Keyless Ignition Node (KIN).
  • With the Lock/Unlock button end of the FOBIK, press the Start/Stop Button (SSB) of the Keyless Ignition Node (KIN) switch.
  • Push gently to prevent scratching the surface of the SSB in the KIN.