2013 KIA Soul Brake Lights do not work – includes Wiring Diagram

 KIA Soul

My brake lights do not work. I have changed bulbs fuses brake pedal switch. it is not getting a constant hot to the pedal switch only with key on.

Sounds like you have gotten into a good one. Lets see if I can’t help narrow this issue down a bit. I like to start approaching electrical problems first by looking over the electrical schematic for the problematic system. We will work with the Exterior Wiring Diagram provided below. It appears as though you need to check two fuses, the STOP LP FUSE and the IG1 FUSE. Also check the HAC RELAY and the STOP LAMP RELAY located behind the center of the dash). Beyond that you are looking at checking the wiring and connections.

2013 KIA Soul Brake Light Wiring Diagram

2013 KIA Soul brake light wiring diagram