Turn Signal Bulb Replacement 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88

I have a 1988 Oldsmobile 88 with a burned out turn signal. I am trying to figure out how to reach the bulb to change it out. Can’t seem to reach it from the top. Do I pull the whole headlight assembly out? If so, how? Or is there an easier way? Maybe up on a ramp and get to it from underneath?

Turn Signal Bulb Replacement – 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88

The replacement of all the light bulbs is straightforward. First look for the easiest way to access the connector. If you can reach under the car to the connector with your hand, then you won’t need to remove the lens assembly. When there is no way to reach the bulb or the connector, you must check for an access cover or see if the lens cover has screws. If the lens is secured by screws, removing the lens would be best access to the bulb. If the lens has no screws showing on the outside of the vehicle, then access is from the back side. Once you have access to the bulb, simply grasp the connector and turn counterclockwise to align the slots, then remove the bulb from the lens housing.

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