Beware of hidden fees and what to look out for

Hidden Fees

Think about the last time you had to take your car in for a repair or routine service. Did you ask for an exact amount you could write the check for when you picked up your car before you authorized the repair? Did you go in with a coupon that said $14.95 oil change, Only to be charged much more when it was time to pay? This happens more often than you think.

You go to pay and find an extra fee from “Environmental Disposal Fee”, “Shop Supplies”, “Mechanics Tax”, “Thumb Tax” to some other made up “Miscellaneous Fee” to make you feel like the shop had to charge you for this extra fees.

The next time you go in for a service and have a coupon, look at the fine print for disposal fees and extras. You might decide the shop you’ve been going to is as up front about things as you thought. Make them put in writing the total amount you will have to pay when you return to pick up your car. This should help you avoid any Hidden Fees or Charges. And who knows, might even save you a buck or two along with avoiding unnecessary grief.

Example Coupon Image:
oil change coupon

Fees or Extras to Look Out For

  • Shop Supplies
  • Environmental Disposal Fees
  • Disposal Fees
  • Miscellaneous
  • Mechanics Tax
  • Thumb Tax