What to look for when buying a used car

Buying Used Car

Thinking about buying a used car? Here are 10 things you might want to know before making your purchase..

  1. What year is the vehicle
  2. Does it have a clear title, no leans on it
  3. Does it have a salvage title
  4. Is there a check engine light on
  5. Are there any leaks
  6. Is there anything that doesn’t work
  7. How does it run, stop and steer
  8. What condition are the tires in
  9. Does the air conditioning work
  10. Do the windshield wipers work

These are a few things that can cost you a significant amount of money if they are in need of repair. Not all these items will keep the car from going down the road today, but how much do you want to spend in the future. Better yet, how much do you have to spend when it breaks in two weeks.

Look it over

Look it over very carefully. If you are not comfortable with it, don’t be shy about asking to have your mechanic look at the car. If the seller starts acting like he can’t have anyone but you look at it, there is probably a good reason to steer clear of this one.

Lets take our time and test drive it further than just around the block. Make sure you get the engine up to operating temperature. Check the windows go up and down ( average price of a window regulator replacement is around $250). Check the brakes for pulsation when stopping. Make sure the car isn’t pulling to one side or the other. Roll the windows down and listen for any mysterious noises. Make certain you know what you are about to spend your hard earned money on.

We all know its hard not to jump at the chance to have that bright red Mustang that you came across that is much cheaper than you expected, but odds are… there is a reason it is so cheap. So find out what it is and then decide if you can live with it or afford to fix the issue. You should be able to enjoy buying a used car once you know what to look for.