Dec 092018

Chevy Suburban


I have a front left axle to replace. Do I really need to remove the coil over strut and sway bar end link to do this?

Not according to the manual.


1. Raise and support vehicle.
2. Remove wheel and tire assembly.
3. Remove drive axle center cap, if equipped.
4. Insert a drift or large screwdriver through brake caliper into one of the brake rotor vanes in order to prevent drive axle wheel drive shaft from turning.
5. Remove nut and washer from hub. Do not reuse nut. A new nut must be used when installing wheel drive shaft.
6. Using axle remover tool No. J 45859 or equivalent, press wheel drive shaft from hub.
7. Remove bolts securing wheel drive shaft inboard flange to output shaft flange.
8. Remove drift from rotor.
9. Remove stabilizer shaft link from lower control arm.
10. Wrap shop towels around both inner and outer wheel drive shaft boots in order to avoid damage to boots during removal.
11. Pull wheel drive shaft through lower control arm opening.
12. Reverse procedure to install, noting the following:
a. Torque inboard flange bolts to 58 ft. lbs.
b. Torque hub nut to 177 ft. lbs.
c. Torque wheel lug nuts to 140 ft. lbs.
d. Torque stabilizer shaft link nuts to 17 ft. lbs.

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