Feb 282019

When driving the car shakes and the check engine light flashes. What could it be?

Anytime the check engine light flashes the engine should be turned off and repaired before permanent damage is done. The most likely cause for this problem would be an engine misfire. You will want to start by have the engine codes pulled with a scan tool. This process is generally referred to as computer diagnostics.

  4 Responses to “Car shakes and the check engine light flashes 2002 Lincoln ls”

  1. Engine is running rough engine light blinking 2001 Lincoln ls

  2. Yes

  3. Car shake and engine light is flashing on 2001 Lincoln ls

  4. Most likely code P0300 – Engine Misfire. As stated in the response above it is best to confirm the engine light code by having the computer codes pulled. This can be done for free at most auto parts stores. One you have the codes post them back here for more in-depth information on each code present. In the mean time you may want to learn about engine misfires.


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