P023F Fuel Pump Secondary Circuit 2016 GMC Sierra SLE z71

pulled the codes po23f fuel relay
cant find the relay

P023F – Fuel Pump Secondary Circuit Open

Code P023F possible causes:
  • Bad fuel pump relay
  • Short to voltage on FP voltage supply circuit or feedback circuit
  • Short to ground on PCM
  • FP relay control circuit PCM
  • FP relay control driver shorted to ground internally

There are several fuel pump fuses and relays located in the underhood fuse block.


  • 18 – Fuel Pump Relay (20A) – Fuse(2 pin micro fuse)
  • 41 – Fuel Pump Relay – Secondary (20A) – Fuse(2 pin micro fuse)
  • 59 – Fuel Pump Relay – Primary(Micro Relay)
  • 66 – Fuel Pump Relay – Secondary(Micro Relay)