Jun 272019

2006 Chevy Silverado

2006 Chevy Silverado extended cab, 4×4 5.3L v8 with flex fuel would turn over, but not start or die immediately. Looked online and said to disconnect battery and turn key to run a couple time. Vehicle started after, however windows, AC and radio still do not work. Tried two different BCM’s and did not fix the problem. Also looked for the master fuse, however, even though there is a slot for one, it is not installed. The fuse diagram shows it, however it is outlined in dashes, which I take to mean there may not be one equipped. Am I correct on that? Also any ideas on what else could be causing the issue? Could sure use the advice, it’s my sons truck and he just started working

Fisrt I like to check the each system curcuit for anything that is common.

  • Air Conditioning fuses – hvac 1, hvac/ecas, blwr, IGN E, a/c comp, ign B, stud#1, htr a/c, blower – Ground G203, G200, G104 – HVAC Control Module and BCM
  • Windows only get power from BCM. No fuses involved. Ground- G306, G305
  • Radio – radio fuse, radio amp,  powered thorugh BCM – Ground from G203


So you are right in thinking BCM as this is the common between these systems. The BCM Has several fuses TBC ASSY, TBC IGN 0, TBC IGN 1,  TBC 2C, TBC 2A and TBC BATT

Fuse Location

Inside Panel fuses: TBC 2C, TBC 2A, TBC 2B, TBC ACCY and TBC IGN 0

Underhood Fuse Block fuses: TBC IGN 1 and TBC BATT

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