Knocking caused by CVVT on Kia optima 2007


Oil light came on at the same time a little knocking or ticking from the top of the motor so I parked the car. Had a computer hooked up to it and it says that the variable timing valve was bad. Will that keep oil from motor and because of that I have this problem?

It can block oil flow. Also found a TSB on the Constant Variable Valve Timing Control Valve. It indicates that the use of an aftermarket oil filter flow rates differ and may affect the CVVT system performance.

The valve itself should not keep oil from the lower portion of the engine.


3 thoughts on “Knocking caused by CVVT on Kia optima 2007”

  1. What do you think it may be engine light is on oil light went off .. If i drive slowly dont hear as bad but speeding up and when slowing down the knocking starts and when in park and give gas you hear it

  2. Have the computer codes scanned and post the codes. Most auto parts dealers will perform the scan for free. If you drove it for miles with the oil light on and the knocking it may be internal damage. In general if the knocking is loud at idle it is caused from main crankshaft bearing failure. If the knock gets louder when you rev the engine it would be engine rod bearing failure. If it is more of a ticking noise it would indicate valve train issues. Lets find out what the codes are work on that first.

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