No Injector Pulse 93 Chevy K1500 5.7 tbi

Chevy truck

Going down the hwy suddenly oil pressure kinda jumped around a few times then hit 0 had no response from throttle so I put it in neutral and shut her down … since then I have replaced fuel pump relay and oil sending unit and both were bad. Now it will start with starting fluid or gas then die. No pulse from injectors but I do get 12v on them both. I think its worth mentioning a few months prior I noticed a broken ground strap. The one from firewall to back of motor. Was unable to access it and ran the ground up top where the battery ground goes. Have since got it back where it belongs. Had an extra battery cable and used that. Should I swap it for an actual ground strap? And shouldn’t there be 2 grounds back there?

Just need one good ground to engine and one from engine to frame.

As for the injectors. They should have 12V with ignition key on at all times. The ECM sends a negative pulse signal to trigger them on. Check the ECM fuse. And if it checks out OK the next thing to try would be a new ignition control module in the distributor.

How to check injector pulse on your TBI