No start, no noise when trying to start 2011 Ford Taurus SEL

My car wont start, all lights work. I’ve had battery and alternator tested, they both were good. I don’t know whats wrong. When I try to cut the car on its silent.

Sorry to hear you are having such trouble. In general, when you turn the ignition key and hear one click it means the starter needs replaced. When you hear multiple clicks(click, click, click, click), it means the battery is dead, weak. When you hear nothing at all it means bad battery, poor connections at the battery or a failed starter.

I would say in worse case scenario the Starter and Battery will need to be replaced. But there is still hope for an easy and money saving cause. Your specific vehicle starting system is equipped with a STARTER RELAY that function between the ignition switch and starter. This would be a the best case scenario as it is less expensive and easy to get to.

The starter relay is located in the battery junction box. Also wouldn’t hurt to confirm the fuse(F10) that supplies power to the STARTER RELAY is good.

2011 Ford Taurus SEL Starting wiring diagram


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