Loosing engine coolant 2006 Scion XA

2006 Scion XA

I’m trying to figure out if I just have a radiator leak, or is it also the head gasket. Engine keeps losing water, visible but sporadic leak in bottom of radiator(I’ve replaced thermostat and water pump), also, there’s oil splashed on engine. Would a blown head gasket cause the radiator to leak as well? No white smoke or white on oil cap, car runs fine otherwise.

Sounds like you just have and external leak in the cooling system.

I like to use a cooling system pressure tester to assist me in locating coolant leaks. You just attach it to the top of the radiator and pump it up and look for the leak.


If you find the radiator is leaking you should replace it and retest. If you find you are loosing coolant and not externally, then you may need to check for a blown head gasket. With no leak internally or externally the pressure tester should hold the same pressure as the radiator cap indicates.