Mitsubishi turns over much longer before start

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander

My 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport just started not starting on first try as normal. been about 4 times its been hard to start, turns over much longer before start. sounds normal as it turns over just doesn’t start right away?

For the sake of this discussion we will assume there is no check engine light on or check engine light codes present.

This is usually a sign of lack of fuel pressure. A quick test would be to cycle the ignition key several times before trying to start it. This will allow a little bit more time for the fuel pump to build required pressure. Turn the ignition key ON and hold for 3 to 10 seconds, then turn it OFF. Do this several times and then try to start the engine. If the engine fires right up like it normally did then you know the issue is fuel related.

Cranks over longer before starting because of fuel pressure

The number one reason would be fuel pump pressure loss. This can be from a failing fuel pump, failing fuel pressure regulator or clogged fuel filter.

Vacuum leak causing longer than normal crank time

There is a chance that a vacuum leak is causing an issue. Loose connections at or around the Mass Air Flow Sensor will cause a false signal to be sent to the engines computer and may make it difficult to start.

Internal Vacuum leak causing hard starting

There is a chance that the idle air control valve is sticking. When this happens the check engine light does not illuminate. A quick test would be to press down slightly on the accelerator pedal while trying to start the engine. If the engine starts easier then the next step would be to clean or replace the idle air control valve.