2008 Escalade did not want to start

Cadillac Escalade

A few days ago went to store and on my way home, car did not want to start. I turned key, and nothing- dash board blank-no crank- nothing turned on. Turned key twice, and car started fine. The radio and clock were reset. Last two days no problem starting. Today did the same thing. Turned key. Nothing. Dash board blank. No clicking noice. Turned again- service engine went on but did not start. Turned key 3 time and started with no problem. What could it be?

Loose or corroded connection at the battery. Remove the battery terminal ends(2) and clean the inside of the terminal connectors with a battery terminal end cleaner tool(1). You know, the part that actually touches the battery terminal.


Look for corrosion. If you see an excessive amount you may also need to replace the battery cables.

I also recommend replacing the battery if it is 4 years old even if it tests fine. Easier to replace now instead where you are and it won’t start.