1994 ford f150 5.8 4×4 Distributor wiring issue

1994 Ford F150 XLT

I’ve put a 89 5.8 engine in the truck, the distributor has a different connector, & only 4 wires. The trucks original connector has 6 wires. Can i hard wire it together?

Putting an 89 5.8L engine in, distributor connections not the same, can i cut them off & hard wire them together? But the trucks connector has 6 wires,& & tbis different engine distributor has 4 wires?

I would recommend using the wiring and ignition system from the 1994 Ford F150 with the 1989 engine. No wire cutting needed.

Remove the distributor cap and mark where the rotor is pointing now and where it is pointing once pulled. Then install the other distributor in the same manner. This will prevent any timing issues moving forward.

1989 Ford 5.8L Engine Distributor Wiring Diagram

1989 Ford F150 5.8L engine distributor wiring diagram

1994 Ford 5.8L Engine Distributor Wiring Diagram

1994 Ford F150 5.8 L engine distributor wiring diagram