Front Hub Bearing 2000 ford f150

2000 Ford F150

I had to change my wheel front bearing and I need the seal that is behind the bearing that has the cv joint coming through it


Wheel Hub & Bearing, Replace


4WD Models

  1. Raise and support vehicle, then remove wheel.
  2. Remove hub nut cotter pin and retainer, then the hub nut.
  3. Remove brake rotor and caliper as outlined under “Disc Brakes.”
  4. On models equipped with ABS, remove the front brake rotor shield, then the wheel speed sensor.
  5. On all models, remove hub and bearing mounting bolts, then pull hub and bearing assembly off axle spline and out of knuckle. Axle spline into hub bearing is normally a slip fit, a puller should not be necessary.
  6. Reverse procedure to install, tighten to specification.